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Frequently Asked Questions



1. How much will this cost the school?

Nothing. The FDV van sets itself up on the site and is self sufficient. It has its own power and water supply.

2. How are liability matters handled?

Once the children step onto the van, FDV assumes liability until they step off the vehicle. Verification of comprehensive insurance coverage (Certificate of Liability) is available upon request.

3. Will the visit create extra work for the staff?

The staff at the school has minimal extra work added from the FDV visit. We request assistance in distributing and collecting the sign-up forms to parents/guardians in advance of the visit. We also appreciate assistance with locating the children on the day of the dental van's visit. Aside from those items, the FDV staff takes care of all other duties such as delivering forms to the school and picking them up after they are filled out and returned.

4. What if the child already has a local dentist?

If the child already has a dentist and they are routinely visiting them, we encourage the parent/guardian to stay with that dentist for their child's care. FDV is primarily designed for children that do NOT have a dentist that is seen on a regular basis.

5. Who gives permission for the child to be seen?

The parent/guardian of the child must complete and sign a form giving permission for treatment to occur. Without a signed, completed form, a child cannot be seen by FDV.

6. What about our children/parents that speak Spanish?

FDV forms, letters, and literature is available in English and Spanish. In addition, there are personnel at our offices and in the field who are fluent in Spanish to assist parents/children in their native language.

7. Who pays for the treatment?

If the child is covered by Medicaid or North Carolina Health Choice, that information is collected and FDV processes the necessary paperwork. If the child has private insurance, that is also accepted. There is also the option to pay in cash. In cash payment instances, the parent/guardian should contact FDV in advance to discuss cost of treatment.

Friendly Dental Van is treating those students who normally aren't seeing a dentist. In fact, we find that for over half the children we see, it is their first visit EVER to a dentist! We recognize the importance of instructional time, and we keep an individual student from class for only an hour to an hour and a half. One alternative is that the parent checks the child out of school for the day for a dental appointment. The far worse alternative is that the child does not visit a dentist at all and, as a result, suffers the often painful consequences of poor oral health.