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Here's how the program normally works:

1. Sign-up forms are created at the FDV(FriendlyDentalVan)office. Forms have the school name and a return date listed on them.

2. The forms are delivered to the school contact(typically the school nurse or counselor) by a FDV courier.

3. The school passes out the forms to students(typically via the home rooms).

4. The school collects the forms from the students.

5. A FDV courier comes out to the school and picks up the forms within a few days of the due date (listed on the forms). The forms are taken to the Friendly Dental Van office.

6. After the forms are collected, FDV contacts the school representative(typically the nurse or counselor) to set up the time and date for the mobile dental vehicle to visit the school.

7. Once a date is set, FDV reviews each returned form to insure in formation is complete. If any forms are incomplete, FDV contacts the parent/guardian to complete the forms.

8. The patient roster(students that will be seen)is created and faxed over to the school before the day of the scheduled visit.

9. The mobile dental vehicle arrives at the school on the scheduled day and time. The van parks at a spot designated by the school. A level parking surface is preferred as it makes for a safer operating environment. If the parking spot is out of the school traffic flow, then the dental van can stay after school hours (if permitted by the school) and continue to serve any students that are available.

10. The van manager comes into the front office to let the school know the van has arrived. The manager escorts the students to the mobile in small groups (typically four or five at a time) for treatment.

11. The students are seen on the vehicle, and then are escorted (by the van manager) back to the front office so they can return to class. The next group is escorted to the mobile, and the process continues until all students are seen.

12. The mobile dental vehicle leaves the school at the requested departure time. A few days later, a copy of the dental work performed and an educational brochure are sent to each parent/guardian of the children that were seen.

13. Additional van visits will be made to the school in order to serve all the children whose parents have requested treatment, as well as to continue treatment of those patients initiated on a previous visit.

14. Approximately six months after the initial visit, the process starts again for existing patients to be seen for their check-ups and also for new patients to begin treatment in the program.